Friday, August 7, 2015

The body exceeds its limits!

During the last weekend I participated in the encuentro Stockholm in a close embrace! A wonderful event just a few minutes away from my home! We were offered 26 hours of dancing and the warming up as well as cooling down milongas added 7 more hours to the total number.

I usually get tired just after the midnight but not at this event. I came early and stayed around the pista most of the hours just squeezing out an half an hour here and there.

This was also the first time I withouth doubt experienced the effect of the skilled DJs. During the weekend I felt flames of frustration within me when a tanda was sounding and I did not managed to get a partner at once. Later on it was more difficult when the pista was filled up and it was not possibly to catch an eye on the other side. On Sunday the strategies were better and of my 5,5 hours at the event I danced 5.

I clearly experienced in my body an arousal level above of the normal, a level driving up the number of dancing hours. My usually so morning stiff back was nearly ok but I still expected that the body would be aching some days after the last milonga. It has been so earlier - but no, not this time. Even when all the happiness chemicals had thinned out from my system the pain did not reveal itself.

Here is the program for the weekend and the DJs who put my body in fire!

 I think the change of my basic training in to the cardio direction and the closer relationship to the music are the main reasons for the difference compared to the earlier encuentros.

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