Tuesday, October 27, 2015

a Milonga practica

I was asked to lead a milonga practica at Practica Humilde last Thursday and I did!

It was a long time since last practica - I was teaching mostly during the years 2005-2010 - so there was a wide gap of pure dancing until today. During these dancing years I have changed my perspective quite a lot and got some more understanding for mechanisms in movements.

The main issue was how slowly I answered to questions which were not on the theme of the day. I needed to recall my earlier ideas, check what I had learned during the last five years and then put together my answer: nothing ready from the shelves!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Alejandra Mantiñan & Gabriel Missè

She has the fastest feet I have seen on the youtube pistas!  . . . . and as you see he is not running behind!

This must be filmed for some years ago because the song Pavadita has been blocked out from the tango world for too long!  It was so fun when it started to pop up on playlists here and there. That was the music I learned to dance to! One of the early musicality lessons was about to respect the 3 (?) stops build in here - Gabriel and Alejandra did it well!  :) Don't you agree?

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Blanquita 90 years is performing!

This is an open posting at Facebook so I suppose you are able to see it even without an account!

In the text they call the lady for Blanquita and state her to be 90 years and still dancing well.


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I think the same lady is dancing socially at Sueño Porteño

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Chicho & Juana and Ruben & Sabrina are experimenting

I can think these talented dancers did discus prior the performance what moves could be possible and maybe they tested some. But I definitely think that these performances are mainly improvised and show their ability to adapt to the others participating to a specific scene.

This is the first time ever I see Chicho to follow!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Tango Rap "Follow Through" and the dancers

THIS was something different!  The first time I hear rap and see people dancing to it!

What do you think?  Can the spoken rhythms be as addictive as the instrumental ones?

Dispari workshop weekend 2015

It was September and time for a Dispari workshop!

To live at the edge of Europe restricts your possibilities to keep up continuous contact with your teachers. That is the case here. I meet Disparis once a year and I need to be prepared for these hours so I can catch the skill and information as well as possible! The follower who was able to take the workshops with me had not met Disparis earlier so we decided to come together and rehearse prior the weekend. Three times we made it with intense work during some hours, rehearsing all the material I knew! I met also one of the followers on an earlier workshop to rehearse all the stuff once again.

During the weekend we mostly worked on our caminata and added some rhythmic variations on top of it.

The most interesting new detail was the instruction to pause until the next couple is advancing. This is the only occasion I can recall where the teachers are training us to activate habits promoting the synchronization of an entire pista.

This is the traditional group photo and it includes nearly all of us but the two couples who were in a hurry after the long hours in the workshops!

I have also collected some moments to a video collage you can enjoy at youtube! Two days in 2 minutes!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How do we make it as intuitive dancers?

Speech at Stallet in Stockholm
The main thema was the fact that the educated and intuitive dancers have different methods to learn and solve difficulties for example in their step/music connection. In a milonga the dancing mode is the same for both groups. (the interwiew was in Swedish and not in the list.)

Musicality In Dance: What Is It? Can It Be Taught?

Educated vs intuitive knowledge

Vals: How does it look like when the dancers and music loose the connection sometimes

The development of an intuitive dancer



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Checking the changes

Musicality by others


The Pista becomes musical - it starts to dance

Kehl  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXBmuh3De24


Today they have a strong contact with music          

Sometimes they release a tornado of ganchos as here around 3.20 - is it ok?

About Training



Murat Erdemsels Indio Manso animation

Joaquin Amenabar - TANGO Let's dance to the music! 

. . . . .and afterwards we were dancing!

Links in Swedish

Barnets tidig musikalisk utveckling, s 11

Må bättre med MUSIK
Eva Bojner Horwitz & Gunilla Bojner

Tango Passion in Asia: Tanguera (探戈舞人)

Pilar Alvares and Claudio Hoffman in Asia!  YouTube Erurope algorithms are not giving me this kind of shows usually. Just when I remember to...