Sunday, February 28, 2016

Korea tango - historic and modern

Asia did participitate in the tango boom before the wwII. Here we have a Korean dancer singing a tango.  Seung-Hee Choi - A Garden in Italy 1936

Yuna Kim is not a dancer but a skater and she is sharing the underlying Korean musicality! You may watch the whole performance but if in a hurry check the link to the English speaking commentator who is extatic about her musicality! Starts at 3m10s

Here the whole performance - a tango hardly recognized as so . . .

Yuna Kim 2007 World Championships SP El Tango De Roxanne
(British EuroSport Ver. / Kor sub)

And at the end some actual Argentine tango dancing

(Rare!) Seung-Hee Choi - A Garden In Italy (1936)

Yuna Kim 2007 World Championships SP El Tango De Roxanne
(British EuroSport Ver. / Kor sub)

Friday, February 26, 2016

Popes birthday dance!

No he is not dancing but the enthusiastic crowd is doing it! Here is the evidence:

Another documentary is quite a lot longer if you are interested!  :)

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Even leaders dance at 96

Most of the videos featuring an old tango dancer, a real old one, have been about the followers, about the great grannies!

Here we have a video showing that a leader can be in charge at 96!

96th Birthday Milonga for Alex Turney with Fernanda Ghi, Guillermo Merlo

Monday, February 15, 2016

The new layout!

As you see it looks different now! Hopefully it is easier to find the postings you are interested in!

Some of the old functions are hidden in the very right side edge! Just hover around there and they will pop up again like in this picture attached.

This dynamic layout provides us the possibility to explore the blog in different ways - YOU decide!!

Check the alternatives under the blog name  CARAMBA!

My personal favorite is the second alternative from the left, the light grey one - Flipcard!
You get a thump nail for every posting and this gives you a easy overall picture of the total blog content.

Try it!!  Which is your favorite!

Encuentro Notches de Invierno

Just after the New Year I participated in the Encuentro Milonguero Notches de Invierno in Raichenau, Austria. This was my second time and the event was nice and as well organized as ever!

I had my new camera with me producing videos only in H265 format and it seems to be a bigger problem to get good editing option for that . . .

Here anyhow some of the photos taken with the high speed option!  With other words the base for these GIF animations are ordinary photos taken in sequence.

The dancing one of the nights!

. . . and clearing the pista!

Address to the website

Shoe storage you didn't think

I am reorganizing at home  - a smaaaal one room flat - and run across this!

You can also use it as a feet rest after an arduous milonga night!

The idea is at the end of this video!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The knitting needles in new hands!

According to the stories from the early days of tango the mothers were following their daughters to the milonga! They were sitting there and watching what was going on and taking care of the young family members. I can see the virtual scenery where these mothers are sitting in the back ground, in the shadows of a milonga and some of them are knitting so the time was not waisted.

Yesterday evening I have seen the opposite!

The daughter was sitting in the milonga sofa and knitting! She was knitting and meanwhile her mother took the tandas!

Tango Passion in Asia: Tanguera (探戈舞人)

Pilar Alvares and Claudio Hoffman in Asia!  YouTube Erurope algorithms are not giving me this kind of shows usually. Just when I remember to...