Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dispari tango dynasty

Yes I should have become aware of the situation long time ago but I had a break through this summer!
Suddenly I just realized that many of the important tango influences are coming to me from Dispari family. It is definitely because of the way they dance, the availability of the workshops and the nice way they meet us!

Jorge and Maria Dispari
During the years the organizers here in Nordic have cooperated with Jorge and Maria! Thanks to them I have had possibility to participate once a year to their workshops. Here one of the most beautiful dances on Youtube.

Javier and Ceraldine
Geraldine is Marias daughter and it is said that even Javier has strong influences from Marias dance style. The early videos of this couple are the all time high among the tango performances. Here you get one of my favorites from Bologna 2001!

I met Javier first time 2004 and after that I have participated in his classes every now and then. He is one of the few teacher who is clearly pointing out the problems with our, students' dancing. He also starts the lessons by walking exercises to point out the importance of a good base for tango.

If you want to know more about her so check my youtube portal for her! (I am sorry but it is working only for computer - yt regulations) When a thumbnail and the title appears you can click on it and get more videos connected to that title.

Adrian and Amanda Costa
Costas are strongly dedicated students of Jorge and Maria! I have had possibility to study for them twice and will continue!

Jorge and Marita have also a daughter Samantha Dispari living on the pistas but I have not had opportunity to participate in her workshops.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

TANGO BA semifinal result

Here are part of the list for the participants in final competition this August: The most happy information is that my Singapore favorites are ON!

The whole list you can find here:

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Los Laurels in B.A.

Mi tango nació en Sarandi - Elina Roldan (sub inglés)

A beautifully done film about tango!
The place Los Laurels is a beautiful gem among the tango venues in Buenos Aires. The food is not so - when we visited the place the stake was inedible - the second try was good for my friend but I just accepted a reduced price and got dancing on salad!

But still I would go back there again! 
The memory images of the people (wasn't he there that night?) and the details in the venue are still so beautiful . . . .

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Javier Rodriguez with followers

Javier Rodriguez is performing with different partners giving us an opportunity to se how a follower is having an impact on leader!

What you think?

MOIRA Castellano



Would these followers have an impact on yours dancing?  In what way?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A tango during your surgery?

According to the news an old truth was confirmed: Music has impact on your wellbeing but it also lessens the pain during a surgery!

Doesn't this indicate that the effect is created below our awareness level; it is created and handled in a different part of the brain compared to the phenomenon which need our focused thoughts. Maybe this is the level of our true dancing?

You find the whole story here!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lost my dance!

As stated in the earlier posting my dance has clearly two levels. The stepping mode where i just do the moves and the intense one when the dance comes alive.

To my surprise the daylight situation makes it difficult to reach the dancing level. If you add a crowd dancing in very different styles so the harmonious pista is not developed and I was left craving for my fix!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stepping vs dancing mode

Sometimes I notice that I am just moving to the music and decide that this is not enough.

I change the mood and the dance comes alive.

There is a change of focus, intensity but not necessarily a change of steps or in musicality. I am though quite sure that this change is visible to an experienced eye!

Monday, August 17, 2015

A musicality play

I just love his creativity in finding new ways to visualize the things happening in a song!

Here one example:

Sunday, August 16, 2015

A virtual marathon runner?

We come to tango for different reasons and our expectations are build on that ground. If we compare tango to walking/running it can be easier to make the variations in expectations and needs visible. The question why some dancers are training all the time and others not at all maybe get an explanation!

Yes we have the group of Sunday walkers. They come to the weekly milongas chatting with people, dancing some and if they participate in a class it is more for the fun than for a serious skill growing. In a large community you get all kinds of combinations of skill and fun; from the Sunday walk person to a totally focused marathon runner.

Along the way I have become aware of my deepest interest which lies in skill growing. I am as a marathon runner spending lonely hours to develop the skill, technic and strength. I am not chasing to be the best in the world - that dream was crashed quite early - but I am exploring my personal limits, exploring how far I can push myself!

Yes there are Sundays when the walk is absolutely wonderful, mutually appreciated and joyful. On other hand I need my training, my dancing moments when I push my limits to my personal extreems with a partner who is at about the same level. If this is not available my frustration level is rising making me irritated and sometimes even short tempered.

Are you a Sunday walker or a marathon runner?

Take a look about it and you will find what are the essetial needs for your tango life!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tivoli Milonga on Fridays

This milonga is the largest and for continuous visitor the cheapest milonga in town!

It is opened in May and run every Friday until the end of September. A seasonal card - a green card - is valid for the whole summer and you can buy it for 240kr. There is Tango on Fridays and salsa, foxtrot or bugg the other evenings and all this is available with the same card same price.

Some pictures from last Friday, this year!

On this video you find the place from a different angle and in the beginning you get the directions to Grönalund tivoli by tram and in the end by the boat. The last one is a good summer option and easy to reach from the pieer at Slussen.  (the tram stop has been moved further down after this video was completed - just a some meeters more to walk in same direction, same street)

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dancers, test to tape your feet!

During the encuentro I opened a Taping station for those who wanted to test the help a tape could do for the tired feet! There is different methods to do this - please test to find out the most suitable one for you!

This posting is to urge you to start experimenting, start to ask and to know that there is some help on the way!

Tape, scissors and instructions!

Don't be shy but let your dedication for this dance become visible!

Here a testimonial:

Hi Leena ! 
I just wanted to say that I use the "paddings" you were talking about and it has changed my life of tango dancer (follower). No more frustrations for the last tandas of milongas... For me, it doen't prevent of any pain, but the metatarsal pains arrive much more later... 

Of course, it's a little visible, with this piece of beige material of the upper band "escaping" of the shoe, but it doesn't matter ! I have 2 pairs and I wash them regularly without any damage ! I will never dance again without them (except if the shoes themselves have paddings like some of "SUR" brand)... 

I've never tried sport tapes but the colored ones can have an interesting effect with tango shoes !!... Hope to see you soon ! Chantal

(this is not Chantals foot but from the same occasion)

Friday, August 7, 2015

In Close Embrace: visuals

I call my photos for digital paintings because for me the most important thing is to communicate my experience and visual preferences than the actual environment. If you scan through several photographers work you will find your favorite way for visuals! Far down in this posting are the links to facebook and some more paintings!

I did not use my camera so much because of the execssive dancing but some videos I can share with you!

Two sets of facebook picture collections

The body exceeds its limits!

During the last weekend I participated in the encuentro Stockholm in a close embrace! A wonderful event just a few minutes away from my home! We were offered 26 hours of dancing and the warming up as well as cooling down milongas added 7 more hours to the total number.

I usually get tired just after the midnight but not at this event. I came early and stayed around the pista most of the hours just squeezing out an half an hour here and there.

This was also the first time I withouth doubt experienced the effect of the skilled DJs. During the weekend I felt flames of frustration within me when a tanda was sounding and I did not managed to get a partner at once. Later on it was more difficult when the pista was filled up and it was not possibly to catch an eye on the other side. On Sunday the strategies were better and of my 5,5 hours at the event I danced 5.

I clearly experienced in my body an arousal level above of the normal, a level driving up the number of dancing hours. My usually so morning stiff back was nearly ok but I still expected that the body would be aching some days after the last milonga. It has been so earlier - but no, not this time. Even when all the happiness chemicals had thinned out from my system the pain did not reveal itself.

Here is the program for the weekend and the DJs who put my body in fire!

 I think the change of my basic training in to the cardio direction and the closer relationship to the music are the main reasons for the difference compared to the earlier encuentros.

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