Sunday, August 16, 2015

A virtual marathon runner?

We come to tango for different reasons and our expectations are build on that ground. If we compare tango to walking/running it can be easier to make the variations in expectations and needs visible. The question why some dancers are training all the time and others not at all maybe get an explanation!

Yes we have the group of Sunday walkers. They come to the weekly milongas chatting with people, dancing some and if they participate in a class it is more for the fun than for a serious skill growing. In a large community you get all kinds of combinations of skill and fun; from the Sunday walk person to a totally focused marathon runner.

Along the way I have become aware of my deepest interest which lies in skill growing. I am as a marathon runner spending lonely hours to develop the skill, technic and strength. I am not chasing to be the best in the world - that dream was crashed quite early - but I am exploring my personal limits, exploring how far I can push myself!

Yes there are Sundays when the walk is absolutely wonderful, mutually appreciated and joyful. On other hand I need my training, my dancing moments when I push my limits to my personal extreems with a partner who is at about the same level. If this is not available my frustration level is rising making me irritated and sometimes even short tempered.

Are you a Sunday walker or a marathon runner?

Take a look about it and you will find what are the essetial needs for your tango life!

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