Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dispari tango dynasty

Yes I should have become aware of the situation long time ago but I had a break through this summer!
Suddenly I just realized that many of the important tango influences are coming to me from Dispari family. It is definitely because of the way they dance, the availability of the workshops and the nice way they meet us!

Jorge and Maria Dispari
During the years the organizers here in Nordic have cooperated with Jorge and Maria! Thanks to them I have had possibility to participate once a year to their workshops. Here one of the most beautiful dances on Youtube.

Javier and Ceraldine
Geraldine is Marias daughter and it is said that even Javier has strong influences from Marias dance style. The early videos of this couple are the all time high among the tango performances. Here you get one of my favorites from Bologna 2001!

I met Javier first time 2004 and after that I have participated in his classes every now and then. He is one of the few teacher who is clearly pointing out the problems with our, students' dancing. He also starts the lessons by walking exercises to point out the importance of a good base for tango.

If you want to know more about her so check my youtube portal for her! (I am sorry but it is working only for computer - yt regulations) When a thumbnail and the title appears you can click on it and get more videos connected to that title.

Adrian and Amanda Costa
Costas are strongly dedicated students of Jorge and Maria! I have had possibility to study for them twice and will continue!

Jorge and Marita have also a daughter Samantha Dispari living on the pistas but I have not had opportunity to participate in her workshops.

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