Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dancers, test to tape your feet!

During the encuentro I opened a Taping station for those who wanted to test the help a tape could do for the tired feet! There is different methods to do this - please test to find out the most suitable one for you!

This posting is to urge you to start experimenting, start to ask and to know that there is some help on the way!

Tape, scissors and instructions!

Don't be shy but let your dedication for this dance become visible!

Here a testimonial:

Hi Leena ! 
I just wanted to say that I use the "paddings" you were talking about and it has changed my life of tango dancer (follower). No more frustrations for the last tandas of milongas... For me, it doen't prevent of any pain, but the metatarsal pains arrive much more later... 

Of course, it's a little visible, with this piece of beige material of the upper band "escaping" of the shoe, but it doesn't matter ! I have 2 pairs and I wash them regularly without any damage ! I will never dance again without them (except if the shoes themselves have paddings like some of "SUR" brand)... 

I've never tried sport tapes but the colored ones can have an interesting effect with tango shoes !!... Hope to see you soon ! Chantal

(this is not Chantals foot but from the same occasion)

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