Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dispari workshop weekend 2015

It was September and time for a Dispari workshop!

To live at the edge of Europe restricts your possibilities to keep up continuous contact with your teachers. That is the case here. I meet Disparis once a year and I need to be prepared for these hours so I can catch the skill and information as well as possible! The follower who was able to take the workshops with me had not met Disparis earlier so we decided to come together and rehearse prior the weekend. Three times we made it with intense work during some hours, rehearsing all the material I knew! I met also one of the followers on an earlier workshop to rehearse all the stuff once again.

During the weekend we mostly worked on our caminata and added some rhythmic variations on top of it.

The most interesting new detail was the instruction to pause until the next couple is advancing. This is the only occasion I can recall where the teachers are training us to activate habits promoting the synchronization of an entire pista.

This is the traditional group photo and it includes nearly all of us but the two couples who were in a hurry after the long hours in the workshops!

I have also collected some moments to a video collage you can enjoy at youtube! Two days in 2 minutes!

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