Sunday, May 8, 2016

mixed couples - Roxana & Fernando

During this song they are dancing with a new partner and the new kind of song adds up a lot to the complexity of the performance! This is really testing the edges of their combined skills.

I have a deep respect for the Fernando Sanchez skill and technical knowledge he has. I have had only one weekend with a few workshops to base my opinion on but he is a great leader with a clear analysis how the movements are created and easy way to communicate his points to a student.

Roxana has developed to be a radiant performing diva without the negative sides of that word. Together here they find the music wonderfully and the performance is playful joyful

Check her smiles on the way!

Roxana Suarez y Fernando Sanchez, 26/04/2015, Brussels Tango Festival, Random couples #2/5 


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