Thursday, May 19, 2016

A tip from a DJ

Are you a DJ and for the moment unsure about a song; Is it danceable or not? Does it put the dancers in fire?

According to a colleague of yours you can use the Youtube as tool to check it out!

If there is a lot performances using that song it could be a real hit at your milonga!

But pay attention! There are fals friends like Libertango

It is enormous popular as a exhibition song but it is very seldom played in a milonga. I think the only occasion per year for me is the summermilonga; a large informal outdoor milonga for several hundreds of dancers every Friday night - there we will hear it even this summer the Gace Jones version, please!

Here is the portal I builded around this song. The subtitles poping up give you a playlist, just cklick the smal video icon to choose that path!

(This youtube solution works only on a computer, sorry for that)

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