Saturday, June 6, 2015

Seoul: Lime Dance Studio

Welcome Milonga,  DJ: Xiao Bai (Shanghai)

This Thursday evening was the first festival night and we celebrated it at the Lime Dance Studio. There had been a late change of place because this event had grown in popularity and a bigger place was needed and still it was crowded, very crowded! This number of people at an encuentro is maybe not an issue but here where people are mostly dancing tango salon it is difficult - the dancing is more dynamic, outgoing, with figures and playfulness. I got a boleo which did actually not hit me but the circular movement was driving around in my cloths and she needed a moment to get out!    :)


I had some dances with visiting milongueras who knew how to take the steps on a small space. Lucky me!


It was allso wonderful to reconnect with the teachers I have been taking lessons for several years!

I was so unfocused in the end of the evening that my shoes were left behind. My favorites with the sole for every floor, How will my life be without you?

Seoul tango festival 2015

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