Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Seoul: El Tango Cafe

Retro Milonga,  DJ: Felipe (San Francisco)

Farewell Milonga,  DJ: Lung-Kuei (Taipei)

This venue was just a 15 mins walk from my hotel so it is easy to take a short walk but it can still be a challenge to end up to the right door. The last few turns I managed by tailing a couple with NEO TANGO bag hanging from the shoulder!

Once more this is totally ok venue for a slower milonguero style group but the young dynamic version of tango made the situation a liiiiittle bit difficult.

This evening was also the nigth of international performances. All the couples had one song to do and they were not aware of which it could be but the organizer had decided it for them - it was a kind of game and the dancers could show their real skill in improvisation!  And they did!

The organizer had tighten up the regim compared to my last visit and even these performances were esclusively dedicated to organizers camera.

The Masters for this year had also good time!  Later in the evening Jorge and Marita Dispari were on the floor with a joyful rock'n roll. We enjoyed it and it looked that they had as much fun as we. Some other caribean rythms were irresistible and the rest of masters ended up to the floor too.

The Korean atmosphere is joyful and people really can have fun and play!
(hmmmm, . . .have i been fixated on this phrase or smthing? ? ?  )

We had two nights at this venue and these videos are from the first one: May first!


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