Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dispari workshop

It is autumn again and for the third time I participated in a Disparis workshop! This time the organizers were in Uppsala, Sweden, easily reached by a commuter train from here!

Photo Bengt Backlund/EB

The sad news was that Marita is using wheelchair because of a knee injury. We miss her dancing but her voice and laughter were definitely there! During the workshop she generously gave feedback to everyone coming to her. The couple traveling with them assisted during the lessons. Friendly persons and when I danced with Alessia she could explain the issues in good english! I feel inspired!

My companion for the two earlier workshops had not possibility to follow me this year so I had two new followers. This motivated me to rehears the earlier content in my notes and video library. Some material was run together with the followers. These preparations made our life easier during the weekend.

I am a slow learner but during the workshop I managed to lift a lot of the earlier material from training stuff to dancing level, ready for a milonga evening.


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