Thursday, October 16, 2014

A practica in Stockholm with a feet quiz

The practica presented here was run in March this year. I filmed quite late in the evening, just before the La Cumparcita, after having danced off my own feet!

If you have visited us at that time you maybe recognize the feet of these three couples presented in the middle of the video

A.  The relatively new feet on tango pista

B.  The most rhythmical feet in out community

C.  The playful feet on that evening

As you see we have divided the space in two parts: the part near the scene is for dancing with continuous flow, mostly for the experienced dancers. If you want to train your steps and discuss the solutions instead you can do that at the far end of the pista on the other side of the row of chairs.

Welcome to your Wednesday practica some day in Stockholm!

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