Saturday, September 27, 2014

The ronda stoppers

There is a limit of pausing/giroing I cope with today and if one leader keeps going on at a spot until 1/3 of the ronda in front of him is empty and the 2/3 behind him is crowded that is just too much. It happens here and one leader can change the flow on entire pista.

Most of us leaders are focusing the attention only on forward movement. That is the skill level among us navigators. We have been trained to monitor forward and our attention is as a car headlight, we are aware of 2-4 couples ahead, and we adapt mainly forward.

If my attention was equally for the couples behind me I could notice when they start dance at a spot and ....I could do the same... start to dance at a spot and the density of our ronda could be maintained. 

Today it is a risky solution because if I stay with the couple behind me the new opening in front of me will attract the most notorious line cruisers.

I remember one class with Argentine teachers where we were supposed to change lines when changing from the advancing mode to spot dancing mode. Outer line was dedicated for advancers and the more center areas for those who got  serious, continuous enrosque attacks. Quite a good routine but applied too seldom!

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