Monday, March 10, 2014

How do you get your balance?

Of those three systems, which are mainly creating the balance I actually believed only on one of them before I read this article: The Vestibular system. It is the labyrinth system in your inner ear giving feedback about your postion in the 3-dimensional space.

I was not aware of the importance of the vision in creating balance. Yes, It was so untill I had my experiences in the totally white photostudio. But I thought it was just a funny detail!

The Proprioceptive system I should have known but did not: There is specialized cells in the muscles, joints and tendons monitoring the body position. They have also an ability to recognize the amount of stress and pressure the body is experiencing.

You find a short article via this link 

There you find also information about what can set these systems out of order and make you faaaall. . 

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