Saturday, March 15, 2014

Astor Piazzolla weekend - Libertango

When I was working on this portal for Libertango I was struck by the fact that there is hardly any ordinary dances or tango performances. On the contrary this song seems to inspire a totally amazing number of artists at different fields.

I have played with different themes to give your a different angle of viewpoint.
CLICK the small video to activate one of the playlists!

Moves us - dance, theater, sports
Outdoors - conserts at extraordinary spaces, dance aso

Chicas - what do the ladies want to do to this music?
Classics & Co - the old ones, children, visually beautiful films

En masse - a lot of instruments at same time
Odd instruments - there is instruments I could not imagine!

..... sing along!  - You may test to be part of a chorus.
..... play along! - Piazzola has specialized to a rhythmical pattern you can test by following the drummer who guides the the orchestra of beginners! or check the orchestra members movements!

(you find a portal guide below)

The smal icons on the blue canvas are actually links to corresponding playlist and you can open it by clicking the icon, the little video picture.

Your click will open this kind of playlist and you can actively browse among the options on the right side. Your click opens the ones you want to watch or you can use the arrows above the list to move to next video or the one before.

( Isn't this instrument beautifull? I have never before seen anything like it!)

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