Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Game for better life!

Jane McGonigal's game SuperBetter and her TED talk emphasizes the idea of training your mental muscles to cope with the difficulties of your life.

There is a commercial verson of this game but I will test my own one!

The strengths to be trained:
Physical strength - I go up every hour
Mental strength - I stick to my small goals and let them grow on the way
Emotional strength - look and read about something which makes me feel good
Social strength - connect to someone

Create an Avatar - it unlocks me from my everyday boundaries
Ask people play with me - It is easier than asking for help
Identify the bad guys - define what is driving me down
Fine my allies - they are coming in bigger numbers than I think
Define my goals - walk 10 m, if it is my maximum.  MY goals, just that!

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