Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Balance, lost in whiteness

I never thought that a room itself could break my balance!

I had been dancing normally an hour or two, when we decided to go to the next milonga. It was a new one for me, located at a photo studio. For those purposes the room was white. I meen totally white; white floor, same white color on walls and the ceiling. The floor was slightly sloping towards the corner where our DJ was playing.

At first tanda I was lost, my balance was gone. Totally lost and it just continued. When talking about it, I heard some other leaders having similar problems and we became aware of that we were missing our guiding lines; the edges where the floor and the wall meet as well as the edge for the ceiling and the wall.
I suppose the followers were more aware of the uneven floor than the whiteness. Same pista but different difficulties!

Anyhow my body learned, adapted and the dance started to flow as usual. Later on I got an idea about using this as a special kind of tough balance training!

Photo Credit: Airi Iliste, Stockholm, 2014

At Milonga Brujo, February 2014

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