Monday, February 24, 2014

An after effect on balance

When I participated on my first workshop weekend I got clear effects on my balance!

During those days we had a local workshop and then a small milonga. We were dancing in this way for several days and my steps started to flow naturally compared to the week before. On the following Monday when I was doing my morning meditation I had a strong feeling of floating up and down on soft waves as on a boat. My blance organ had been so involved on dancing that it was echoing even days afterward!

I wonder how much this kind of phenomenon impacted my following at those days?
Was it disturbing for the leader, did they feel that I was unstable?
Could this be more a follower effect? Followers are often dancing with closed eyes and do not stabilise the horizon.

This came to my mind today, because I have the same feeling after the Frostbite festival in Helsinki. This time it is not the dance - my body has used to the soft waves of this dance - but the boat! Nearly 17 hours on a relatively rough sea on my way back home has kept my body on the waves, even on the solid ground. I wonder how long this will continue?

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