Sunday, October 1, 2017

My dancing and training in end September

This autumn I will be training on Wednesday practica hosted by TangoNorte, the oldest tango community in Stockholm. Yes it looks empty but I was so busy all the evening so the fotos were taken when it was closed down . . . . 

On some Saturdays there is a Milonga Piccola for three hours dance (18-21). It is the most formal milonga here with role based seating (I am placed among the leaders). When you arrived one of the hosts will welcome you and suggest a seat available. (The Pictures: here we have the same situation - I was dancing all the time and the picture was taken in the very end of the event)

Sundays we have a matine milonga called 3Esquinas; usually 17-21PM. Maximo who is running the milonga organizes orchestra visits as well as teachers.

These and the restaurant Grammofon are the places I visit most often when at home!

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