Saturday, October 14, 2017

Francesca and Giorgio at 3Esquinas in Stockholm

This time Giorgio has come together with Francesca for a workshop weekend in town. This video is from the Sunday milonga called 3Esquinas. The workshop starts usually at 3.30 PM and the milonga at 5PM. Then we have four hours to spend on the floor!

This performance was not the only specialty for this Sunday but the event was visited by Los Rivarolas - Carlos y Maria - appreciated traditional tango dancers! Can you find them in the crowd?


I usually don't like this type of music which reminds me about concert but this video made something with me. The combination of movements and the music has had impact on me and I am geting curious. What steps could I find from this music landscape?

I liked the very most the roughly done sandwiches following the roughness in music beautifully! Click here if you want to get there directly

I filmed the milonga too but the rest of the songs I just enjoyed! You find them on FB.

If you want to know some more about Los Rivarolas!

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