Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui Milonga - A Tango Project

A piece of mesmerizing stage tango and an interview with Sidi Larbi!

I find especially the beginning of this video extremely beautiful. There is a kind of bigger movement  surfing around on the group of dancers created by the individuals moving differently.

Guardian about the whole performance called Milonga

For Cherkaoui, 
the key image of tango is the dancers' close embrace, the motor of all their physical communication; it's this image that dominates the opening sections. Video footage of couples pressed together in a dance hall segues into the first live duet, which has two dancers moving in similarly intimate accord. Rather than facing front, the couple dance back-to-back, and in that startling reversal of tradition Cherkaoui makes us feel afresh the frisson of the dancers' mutual sensuality and trust.

(The whole article is enbedded here, click this line!)


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