Sunday, September 13, 2015

Our Last Tango - about Copes & Nieves


A film about one of the mesmericing historic couple!

This video is more about the time when they were active in the 1974
Tango was danced in a different way and the technique and visual beauty ideals were different at that time but still you can get an idea why they were apreciatied!

(the dancing starts about 3:20 - but the  historical milieu in the beginning is fascinating too)

A story and an interviews are to be found at todotangos site at this address:

      Then a inexperienced and daring young dancer, that she later 
would know that his name was Juan Carlos Copes
discovered her at the Estrella of Maldonado

His life and dancing by his own words:

There is a Tengo una pregunta para vos - done with Maria Nieves but it is without any English subtitles -  but for you with skills in Spanish please enjoy!

This is the part 1 of 3!

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