Friday, March 13, 2015

Missing the valses!

Performers don't do valses anymore! or more precicely there is only few who do valses.

I have had this feeling for some time and it went down for counting at Forstbite festival in the end of February. There were three performers dancing three songs each with an extra song and this makes the number to 12 performances totally. Not even one vals was included.

It was a week or two afterwards I noticed this fact - so it means that I am not anymore even expecting to hear all three music types during performances.

That is the reason for me to share with you the all time high vals from years back!

According to information on video text this was filmed 2005. I am not sure if this is the original link but this song and performance had a total spell on me. It carried me far a way and still does. At that time Chicho was dancing so differently from other couples, he had such a musicality and as you hear he was appreciated by the crowd!

There is good vals performers but they are not so many. I will come back with my favorites some day!

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