Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A capricious joy

The joy of dancing is a capricious companion nowadays!

Earlier it was enough to enter to a tango venue and I was lifted from my daily hassles. I got a clear feeling of dancing, a connection to the music and to my partner for the tanda. It is not so anymore.

During many years I never checked who of my friends was going out to a specific place. I just went there and find my partners there or made new aquintances. Today I don't go if my favorit partners decide to stay at home.

Venues which have put me in the mood for years don't have that power anymore. I do not know why the change is taking place now but I am curious where this new track is going to take me!

One old place is still on top: Pele!

For some reason it has always had a vivid attraction to the crowds here. During long times the only place where we could get some food, drinks and a place to sit down for a talk. It is a family own place and one of the sons is running it now. But his mother is still participating - sitting on the wheelchair and though she doesn't recognize us anymore we chat with her for a while between dances.

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