Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sueño Porteño - At other places!.

I really liked this milonga! We came early and had time to look around in the the old venue and watch when dancers arrived and filled the dance floor. One who came even earlier was the lady in red on the pista with only a few persons on the floor and please check her feet still moving smoothly, beautifully after more then 70 years on the pistas in the video!

For this night the DJ was female; noticed by the DJ lady of our little group.

I asked the organizer if it was ok with ladies leading and she strongly approved that. She tries to change the traditions and has occasionally ladies invitation for some parts of evenings.

Because it is still quite unusual the followers are not monitoring invitations from women but I managed to catch the attention of a friendly, well dancing lady from Uruguay. She gave me a nice milonga tanda for this evening!

According information this is the venue for the old milonga called Niño Bien. Featured also in the book Long After Midnight at Niño Bienat by Brian Winter -  This is the reason for the balcony scene here - some descriptions of the moments on those balconies were so vividly written in the book. I needed a touch down.

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