Sunday, July 6, 2014

The lost cravings for tango

After all these years of dancing 4-5 nights per week or whole weekends with short moments of sleep I do not go out anymore. Or more correct I go out but the process to get out is a risky one with many moments for failure. I do not have any desire to dance, I have no cravings today.

This means that I must do the preparations more carefully today. I need to have all the clothing ironed and ready that afternoon. The food needs to be planned and ready to cook after I have taken the shower. In that order! If the meal comes first there is enough time to get relaxed and I will stay at home on the sofa! It has happened.

If my friends are traveling I will stay at home - the promise to them is motivating.

I am thinking of this quite a lot.

Earlier the clothing was not a problem. I ate what I found and had time to. There was always people to dance with if my favorites were on vacation. I walked to the bus stop at an hour of my usual bedtime - not a slightest problem!

I am happy to say that WHEN I get to the milonga the dancing can be as joyful happening as ever! Greatful for that!

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