Saturday, July 5, 2014

Get a personal Tango Doctor!

Every now and then a follower comes to me at a milonga and asks for a recovery dance. Her body is out of order after a dance with a nice but unskilled leader who is shaking her body to chaos. During our tanda she recovers and can go home with memories of a nice milonga.

When I was still following I had a similar problem caused by rough words from some leaders. During that period I had a tango friend who was an easygoing, experienced dancer. His dance was not demanding but still spiced up with some moves and he could have some small talk going on even during a song. When my world was smashed down by someone I went to him and asked for a tanda. This playful dance let me recover and go home glad for the nice parts of the evening. I called him for my Tango Doctor in my mind.

Please take this advice and get your own Tango Doctor, a man or a woman! Your milongas will become a much better place in that way. Become friend with someone who has a healing effect on you. Become aware of this effect and keep this friend!

Who could be your doctor?

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