Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Shanghai Festival

During last weekend they have been dancing in Shanghai! This is the 6th festival and the first time I *participated* - I did it virtually via a live link provided by my Korean Facebook friend. With other words I was sitting on my soffa at home watching the live link showing me the performances and later on the dancing!  All that without any delay!! The time difference is working for me because the performances were some time after the midnight but it was 6 or 7 PM here in Nordic so I could watch them simultaneously with my friends in Shanghai.

The live fb window looks like this with a red eye sybol and a number for the onlookers.

I cannot link any fb videos directly here you get just some links in public mode. 
Thanks 정연도 for the videos!
(I didn't find any method to link individual videos but with this link you come to his fb profile and can find several performances and beautiful dance crowd videos there around the weekend 24.07.2016)

The organizers have exposed the female dancers most! In the program you can find Guillermina Quiroga, Stella Missé and Alejandra Gutty highlighted and their partners are presented further in to the site.

Here some lines about the organizers presented on the page:

TangoBang, started 2008, has been known the best Tango School and Organizers in Shanghai. Matias Sotto (Argentina) and Vivian Yeh (Taiwan) the two Tango Fanatics that have more than 10 years teaching and dancing experience met in Buenos Aires and are giving Tango lessons and organizing milongas together in regular basic, 5 days a week in Shanghai.
TangoBang has been working closly with Argentina Counsulate to introduce the Tango Culture to Shanghai. World Known Tango Masters have been brought from Buenos Aires for Tango Workshop and shows included: Geraldin Rojas y Ezequiel Paludi, Damian Essell y Nancy Louzan, Pablo Giorgini y Noelia Coletti, Fabian Peralta y Virginia Pandolfi, Analia Carreño y Luis Ramirez, Martin Maldonado y Maurizio Ghella. During 2010 Shanghai EXPO, the two parties hosted several successful Tango events in Argentina Pavilion, including the first ever milonga in EXPO, that brought Argentina Tango to Shanghai, China, and the visitors from all over the world.
In 2011, TangoBang successfully hosted the 1st Shanghai International Tango Festival. Tangueros around the world joined the festival was impressed by the passion and the standard of dance in Shanghai.

I have found no videos from the Festival 2016 so I post one from last year but I promise to update as soon as I get to know a new one!

Below you will find the organizers, Mattias and Vivian, performing!

If you want to check the site please follow the link below!

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