Thursday, April 28, 2016

An early female leader

Fabiano Sharna is a longtime female leader who started among the first female leaders in the world to lead in public!

Here some of the thoughts she want to share with us others

. . . report greater satisfaction with their overall social tango experience when they share learning and dancing time with other women.

. . . Beyond my own story, though, one of the biggest reasons I continue to offer events for women is simply to keep them dancing! I want tango to be healthy and inspiring for women and the truth is that it is not always that.

. . . Because when women DO stay involved for the long haul, and find ways to enjoy tango on their own terms, everyone wins! The community as a whole grows stronger and benefits both from their dancing skills and also from a multitude of creative contributions that range from DJ-ing to dressmaking.

The whole story you can find via the link below:

She has been working on these aspects for a long time. Here her thoughts from 2011

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