Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sundays at 3Esquinas

We have a very popular Sunday late afternoon milonga called 3Esquinas with different DJs.
My exceptional Saturday mood had calmed down but the dancing was still ok. The thing not ok was the loud volume preferred by the DJ and organizer!

I have on my phone a basic type of decibel indicator and the level for this night was constantly over 80db and many times 85db.

I did talk to the dj and he even came to the pista for a check and YES! he turned the volume down for a while but it did creep upwards again quite soon.

The organizer loves chacarera and every now and then there is a workshop and one or two dance options during the following milonga!

If you are interested to have a healthy music volume try to download an app for your mobile. When you can show the actual noise level in the room it is easier to discuss - maybe the only option - and to find a sound level below the harmful one.

(Today the only milonga (among the few I am visiting regularly) where they keep the sound level on a nice level is the RuntRunt milonga! )

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