Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tango took me to the stage!

One of my long time tango friends produced a play for a private theater in town. I was asked to join the team to produce and run the visuals for this play and my wild mind said Thank You and I will fix that!

It was ok to produce the videos and prepare the existing for better quality but I did not have a clue how to show them professionally! I got a phone number to a person who is working with media production and the hard message was that he had not been able to find any reliable tool for a PC. He was using Mac.

His advice was to use VLC player and extended screen on computer. This advice did put me on a reasonable track and after some training at home with a smal Pico projector I completed my part of the production.

The team was wonderful and the performance was great so we are now preparing an extra perfomance within some weeks!

                                    The story of the couple dance!     

(PS.  I was dancing too!  A part of an candombe and then later some bad steps :)  )

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