Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Vincent & Maryline

My first and greatest love among tango teachers!

 I was working with them during 2003-2005 and I still, every now and then, run through some of the 155 figures we were working on at those times. Vincent and Maryline were a really popular couple here in Sweden having workshops in different places. The playfull musicality just catched my and the tango peers' hearts and souls! The way they worked together during performances was and still is unique - totally based on connection.

It was a wonderful surprice to meet her in Stockholm last weekend for a moment!

No! I did not get a dance with her - the guys were cabeceo-ing her quite energetic. But I am happy anyhow because this feels like a positive omen for my decision to start training a more dynamic dance, a dance with minimal kind of nuevo movements. Year 2015 I am ready for you!

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