Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The singer changes it and the follower liked it!

During many pauses at late milonga backstage I have heard frustrated dancers to burst out: The dj has SINGERS all the time!! I can not take it anymore this night!!

Many of them were too frustrated to be able to tell why; others told me about the disturbing issues, but I never really understood what the problem was. I found my way through the songs without problems, I was listening the music in a different way I thought.

Now I have got a clue about it! I visited a milonga with live music for a part of the evening. The instrumental songs were really nice to dance to, but then the singer came in: The forward movement, which was created by the instruments, was pushed back and the voice slowed everything down, made it different. I could still dance, but I did not enjoy it. My follower heard the same but she felt that the steps became unsecure, changed to be fragile and matched the music. 

 All the songs were beautiful and beautifully performed but for me it would have been better to stop dancing, sit down and enjoy instead!

Anyhow now I have shared the experience my friends have had so many times; I understand them better now!

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